Stan S. Vanner

Peace is a lie... There is only passion. Through passion i gain... Strength. Through strength i gain... Power. Through power i gain... victory. Through victory... My chains are broken.


:Father’s addiction’s.
:I get knocked down then I get up again.
:People reader.
:Sitting on a secret stash.
:Done hard time.
:Don’t need Much.
:I will have my revenge.
:Don’t burn bridge’s.
:Man with two name’s.
:Info junkie.
5 []
4 [][]
3 [][][]
2 [][][][]
1 [][][][][]
Oratory,Intimidation,Energy weapons,Science,Alertness.
Military brawling.
Military energy weapons.
Military medical.
Stress track’s-
Health-000 00
Wealth-000 00
Weapon-tech 2 pulse pistole-penetration -1,-range 1-4,-harm -2


One single scar located on upper left neck… Over forty tattoo’s, Full body suit.
Home planet-Uzen-8. Galexy-m3-yxb

Stan Vanner was born in a mining facility a half day away from the biggest city on Uzen-8. His mother ether died or fled shortly after birth leaving him to be raised as a miner by his abusive an mentally troubled father. Before He turned twelve his father unknown to him had been robbing the facility they worked for, stealing precious metals and gems to fund his own chemical and gambling addictions. They fled to the city before anyone ever knew. Stan’s father started peddling spice, Stan had no experience aside from mining so he started to work with his father. They decided to join the axe gang seeking better connections and protection. Stan didn’t notice how far He had sank into his fathers addictions until He realized how it all came so naturally.

As Stan rose through the ranks of trafficker to muscle then dealer he learned a lot and found his abilities to lie and figure out peoples true motives came vary easy. Stan had just turned sixteen and made few friends but managed to maintain solid connections. One trusted friend was a legitimate gun marketer of a sorts by the name (Jack) who didn’t mind Investing in Stan once in a while to make a quick profit. (Jack) was the only man besides Stan’s father who knew Stan’s true name. As Stan felt secure in his position the axe gang mysteriously and brutally murdered Stan’s father and forced him to fund and deliver a huge shipment of spice. Stan had never even been in space before and only knew one person that could fund him. Eventually Stan was alone in a ship with what He was told was a skeleton crew, all the spice was on bored and Stan was headed to an unknown location…

The ship flew itself Stan just sat there not knowing what to expect. he didn’t know why the axe gang had been so drastic and commanding he couldn’t focus on anything his father was dead and he had no idea where he was headed. On Q his ship was stopped by an elite anti-drug task force whom boarded the ship and arrested Stan labeling him as an axe gang pin head (Martin AKA El Stoffy). A big name when it came to the Uzen-8 spice market. At that point it all maid sense this was a set up and Stan the fall guy, they’d finish him off inside. Stan was taken to the prison planet of( ) but anyone spending time there just called it hell. Stan was sentenced to 20 years without even seeing a judge, He had to tuffen up quick and always watch his back. He used only allyis’s in the system making the multiverse think him dead. Stan learned a lot more an maid and maintained good connections through it all.

Stan didn’t know what to expect in space being forced into the situation as an unknown fall guy to a gang that purely profited off him. He had it all figured out within a week behind bars. Stan had only felt remorse for (Jack) who was caught as Stan’s investor. “El Stoffy” knew he was drawing to much unwanted attention and even stole one of (Jack)‘s ships, the ship Stan had been arrested in. Stan knew (jack) didn’t have to do any time but something, Stan doesn’t know what, happened with him and his family. Stan will find the people who did this to him, destroy them and take over there profits and start making up for all the time they’ve took from him.

Stan was let out after 15 years of good behavior and the prison system not quite knowing who he was mysteriously having no blood work or records. He maid it to (Gate Way) as a refugee slowly seeking out as much information and resources as He could before enacting his revenge on the Axe gang. While here Stan’s made friends with another refugee a harvester living next to him in the shanty’s. He’s called (spindle freak) although Stan couldn’t pronounce his real name if He tried. This harvester ended up having a good connection to some vary nice spice. (Spindle Freak) also seemed trust worthy and it was nice to be around people who didn’t want senselessly murder you. The best part to the harvesters friendship was that the spice connection he had was the main suppliers of spice on Uzen-8. The only person who still knew Stan S. Vanner is still alive an recently freed is (Jack) no one else in the multiverse knows he still breathes.

Stan Vanne-A,K,A-Stan Disel,Nat gasoline,Tommle,Street Frank,Marsh,pelves chipper,Gontly,plorishblu.

Stan S. Vanner

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