Game Policies

These are the policies that apply to the “Gateway Late Night” campaign. They exist to help ensure a smooth and pleasant play experience for all players, including the ST, as well as to forestall any arguments that may come up. Players are responsible for reviewing these policies, and directing any questions they may have to the ST.

1) Players are expected to be respectful of each other and each other’s personal space and property.

2) Some attention to personal hygiene is required.

3) Because space is limited, laptops are not permitted at the game table. Tablets and smart phones are acceptable as long as they remain unobtrusive.

4) Players are expected to maintain a current copy of their character on the Obsidian Portal characters page. The copy on ObsPortal will be considered “official” if the ST needs to reference the character.

5) This is a closed-table, serial campaign. As such, players are expected to make a reasonable effort to attend, as their absence could adversely affect the other players’ play experience. It is, however, understood that this is just a game, and things do come up; should other obligations intrude, 24 hours’ notice is greatly appreciated.

6) If fewer than three players are available for a particular session, that session may be called off or alternate activities might be arranged.

7) Electronic die rollers are not allowed. Ample dice will be provided.

8) All dice must be rolled in full view of the ST. Dice that fall to the floor or land crooked are out-of-play, and the entire “hand” must be rerolled; dice that strike solid objects on the table but display a clear result remain in play.

9) Players are not required to participate on the Obsidian Portal page beyond maintaining a current copy of their characters. However, submissions of “personal logs” to the Adventure Log within one week of the conclusion of game time may result in the award of “bennies” to the player.

Game Policies

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