Technology: T-4
Environment: E-4
Resources: R-4

Connections: WD-6XJ, 84-QCH, S3-EXR, UZEN-8

Hitchhiker’s Guide Entry

The Gateway system is extremely unusual. It is entirely devoid of life, planets, and features of any kind. Gateway Prime is a slow-spinning pulsar, the remnant of an ancient supernova, whose regular pulses are used as the basis for the Stardate protocol.

Apart from the scientific value of having such ready access to an active pulsar, Gateway’s primary utility is in its slipstream connections — it is only through Gateway, after all, that the constellations of the cluster are linked.

The sole feature of conventional interest in the system is Gateway Station, a small asteroid outpost that circles Gateway Prime in a polar orbit. There is no doubt that this asteroid is not native to the Gateway system, as it orbits Gateway Prime far too closely to have survived the supernova. Some scientists speculate that Gateway Station is a captured asteroid, but others argue that its near-perfect circular orbit suggests a more deliberately engineered origin. It is a mystery that persists to this day.


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