Gateway Council

Hitchhiker’s Guide Entry

The Gateway Council takes its name from Gateway Station, upon which it is based. It is a diplomatic caucus composed of representatives from every star-faring world in the cluster. While most of the Council’s members hail from cultures that produce their own slipships, by charter a culture simply must have diplomatic and economic relations with such a culture in order to be eligible for membership.

The Gateway Council was established seventy years ago at the insistence of the Jotun, who wished to establish a neutral forum for the establishment of treaties and trade relations, and the airing of grievances. They, along with the Omega, the Fosterites, the Sri Vija, and the Yangs, are the charter members of the Council.

The Gateway Council has the authority to issue resolutions, but relies on its members’ cooperation to enforce those resolutions, as it has no military force of its own. Thus, it is thought of as something of a “paper tiger” amongst many of the worlds of the cluster, though the Jotun, at least, lend their presence to the Council’s resolutions when and where they can. Complicating the affair is the fact that, while each of the five charter members have a veto, the Omega rarely vote and the Fosterites haven’t sent a delegate to the Council in over twenty years, though their chair is maintained.

By resolution, the meetings of the Gateway Council are private, though their minutes are made available on AnsNet.

Gateway Council

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