Hitchhiker’s Guide Entry

“Hitchhiking” is the term for the practice of an individual at a given location petitioning random passing ships for a ride. It is a practice much more common in some cultures than others. Likewise, the willingness of a given ship to carry hitchhikers depends almost entirely upon the ship’s captain’s good nature.

It is important to point out that, as space on starships and slipships is generally at a premium and consumables for an extra passenger are expensive, hitchhikers are expected to pay their own fare either in wage or in work. To broadcast one’s desire to hitchhike is to tacitly agree to pay for one’s passage, though the particulars of such payment are subject to negotiation.

Hitchhiking is an activity primarily undertaken by wanderers and those with no particular destination in mind, as one generally has very little say in the destination of the ship that eventually picks them up. The one other thing that every hitchhiker should bear in mind is that it is considered extremely bad form to put out a hitchhiking request and then refuse to accompany whoever responds.

Hitchhiker broadcasts can be conducted through various AnsNet services, or through specialized hardware such as the H-Thumb. H-Thumbs are, in particular, very popular amongst the more daring hitchhikers, who are fond of saying, “I just stuck out my thumb, and here I am.”

Player Information

Yes, it’s possible to pay for hitchhiking via sex.


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