Hitchhiker Entry

Each system has its own name. There are the official designations, as established by the Gateway Council’s survey teams, and then there are the colloquial designations. While these names are highly variant in both form and color, they do tend to hold to a few different rules.

A system’s colloquial name might be some variation on its survey designation (such as, for example, the “P33” system) or it might be based on the name given by the inhabitants to their homeworld (such as St. Nicholas). In either case, the system’s primary is referred to as “System Name Prime,” and the system’s planets are, in order, “System Name-One,” “System Name-Two,” and so forth. If a system has multiple primaries, they are designated Alpha, Beta and so forth in order of size.

Occasionally, if there is only one inhabited planet in a system, it is referred to as “System Name-Proper” or “System Name-Actual” instead of its numeric orbital position.

Many local inhabitants have given the planets in their system colloquial names. These local names do not see wide use outside of that particular system.


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