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The Virtual Oscillating Rotating Projection Assault Lacerator, called “VORPAL” for short, is a melee weapon developed by the Jotun. It employs a rapidly-spinning magnetic field lengthened by an electron beam to create a meter-long virtual matter “blade” capable of cutting through just about any solid via electron stripping.

A VORPAL, when deactivated, is generally a cylinder roughly fifteen to twenty centimeters in length and three centimeters in diameter. This is commonly called the “hilt” of the weapon. When activated, the hilt emits a loud buzz and a meter-long, cylindrical, glowing “blade.” This blade is an artifact of the magnetic field, which spins at nearly the speed of light, causing the creation and subsequent annihilation of virtual particles similar to that which occurs in a vacuum.

When a VORPAL is brought in proximity with solid matter, the rapidly-spinning magnetic field strips electrons away from its point of contact with the object, causing the object to rapidly heat and break apart. Conductive objects take much longer to cut through than insulators, but the electron stripping process generates a great deal of heat, easily sufficient to melt such objects.

VORPALs are popular because of their portability and cutting power. The blade itself is weightless, though the intense gyroscopic effects created by the rotating magnetic field make the weapon very hard to control without proper training. VORPALs see use primarily in boarding actions, where stray projectiles or energy beams could create an unwanted and dangerous decompression.

The color of a VORPAL’s blade depends on the frequency to which its oscillator crystals are tuned. Thus, the blade can appear as any color along the visible spectrum. Colors outside the visible spectrum are not possible, as the associated frequencies are not conducive to blade formation. Changing one’s VORPAL color is a relatively simple affair, able to be handled by a moderately-skilled end user with the appropriate tools.

Game Statistics

VORPALs are T3 weapons, and are difficult to get outside Jotunheim.

  • Skill: Close Combat, Military
  • Harm: 4
  • Penetration: 1
  • Range: 1
  • Cost: 4 (T3)
  • Stunts: Two-handed

10 build points (T3 energy weapon)
- Two-handed: 1 point
- Minimum range 1: 2 points
- Maximum range 1: -3 points
- Harm 4: 8 points
- Penetration 1: 2 points

Player Information

I’m sure everybody knows what this is. Note the “two-handed” stunt, meaning that wielders can apply their Stamina to amplify their attack roll.


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