Amiable Jotun host of Gateway Late Night


Raised by the military
Square peg, round hole
The cause is everything
Nobody is infallible
Always do your homework
DARE to ‘Just Say No’ is my anti-drug
More eyes in the back than the front
Hiding in plain sight
Robbing the company store


5: Culture/Tech
4: Agility, Charm
3: Resolve, Stamina, Assets
2: Alertness, Communications, Tactics, Energy Weapons
1: Intimidation, MicroG, Stealth, Bureaucracy, Brawling

VORPAL Training
Natural swordsman
Military Alertness

Health OOO OO
Composure OOO OO
Wealth OOO OO

tabterm (T2)


Grimolf was born into the Jotun warrior caste. He was taken from his parents as soon as he was old enough to walk, and spent the first six years of his training at Battle School. Atypical of his people, he proved poor at taking or giving orders, but exhibited a gift for lateral thinking that impressed his instructors.

Grimolf was selected for Games and Theory at Battle School, an environment which encouraged his strange ways. He was well-suited for life as an Operative, taking to it with enthusiasm. He became the invisible hand of the Republic, carrying their will to the stars.

The Jotun don’t well understand the Harvesters; their outlooks are too dissimilar. When he was sent to assassinate a Harvester dissident, Grimolf readily consented. What he wasn’t prepared for was the way in which the dissident’s bodyguards fought for their boss, displaying a loyalty and dedication beyond Grimolf’s expectation. It was the first mission he ever failed, and the first time he had cause to doubt the wisdom of his superiors.

The Jotun and the Fosterites are increasingly at odds over the “spice” trade — while the Fosterites can use it to expand their perceptions, the genetic markers that allow for that are very uncommon in other humans. To most people, spice is nothing more than a powerful hallucinogen. Grimolf was instrumental in bringing down the largest spice shipment in recent years, a fact in which he takes pride. Too bad it was a sting — now his secret is out to the wrong people, and they want his hide.

Grimolf continues to operate as an agent-at-large for the Jotun Republic. He is wanted dead by various criminal syndicates throughout the cluster, but keeps himself hidden in plain sight as the host of a popular late-night wireless show broadcast from Gateway Station. Meanwhile, he uses the Republic’s resources to fight his private war against the cartels. He is known as a businessman and a clandestine broker of information — this is both because he wishes to remain valuable to as many people as possible, and because he feels that, if he can see the hit that’s coming, he’ll be better equipped to foil it.


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